Oct 13

I purchased the dress I’ll be wearing to our baby shower! Per usual I stuck to ASOS Maternity as they have the sassiest, most on-trend and best fitting maternity clothes I have yet experienced.

I am so excited for our baby shower. It is going to be a co-ed “couple’s shower” for a few reasons: 1) I’m not super girly and the thought of having a girls only shower with girly shower games sounds like a nightmare AND 2) It’s our first baby and my husband is incredibly excited and wants to be part of the fun. 

The shower invites were fun to pick out. They actually have a wide variety of “couple’s shower” invites floating around the net these days. Even though the guy on the invite looks nothing like my husband we went with it. Hopefully the men in our families will find the idea of a “Co-ed Couples Shower” not to be a chore. 

Super AMPED!

  1. saramartini said: Thanks for the info on Asos! I like that dress a lot but I can’t decide what dress to pick for my shower haha I def agree they have the best style for our age.
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